A creative from the beginning, artist Kayce Hughes majored in studio art in college, where she studied drawing, painting and photography.  

After following her dreams through the fashion industry working for Ralph Lauren in NY, she launched her own children’s clothing line, Pears & Bears. The successful childrenswear line expanded into a women’s clothing line, Kayce Hughes, with locations in Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta.  In 2016, she sold the company to two former employees and has continued to design with them under the name Peg & Kris. 

With more time to create, Kayce is excited to spend more time on her paintings, which have already garnered the attention of beautiful stores like ASHLEY ROHE HOME, Bunny Williams Home NYC, Draper James TN and Rivers Spencer LA, as well as several talented designers including Mark D Sikes, Sara Bartholomew, and Pencil & Paper Co.