Strick's Gift, a Family's Purpose

I recently met a wonderful family while volunteering for FaithWorks at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Lena Levendoski is a mother who honors her first son by helping others and after spending the morning with her, her family and other volunteers, I want to help with their mission.  The best way to share their story is to use their words on their website.  

"We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping newborns in need. In honor and in memory of our son, Strick, we’ve made it our mission to help families who are unable to afford items like clothing and blankets for their newborn children. We deliver gently-loved clothing and necessities to them at Nashville hospitals, providing a little head start—and a lot of hope—to take home with their own bundle of joy."

Ashley Rohe Home wants to help Strick's Gift.  We have volunteered to take any new or slightly used infant clothing (NB to 12 months), blankets, hats, socks.  Please bring them to our store anytime and we will take them to Lena.  This is a year-round effort to give babies in need a better equipped start in life.  



Art by Kayce Hughes was created to match the color of the lamps.  The lamps now complement the beautiful artwork of our local artist.  Since the homeowner chose gold side tables, we were able to order the lamps with gold hardware as well.  The slipcover sofa, also from Ashley Rohe Home, makes this playroom a relaxing place for parents as well as little ones.  

Buying lamps for your home can be a daunting task if you don’t do some basic homework prior to making that purchase.  Let us give you some things to consider and always keep Ashley Rohe Home in mind for your lamp search.

When choosing lamps for your home you want to consider the function and style of the lamp to best complement the design of the room.  Try to make your lamp selections towards the end of the design process, after you’ve decided on furniture and placement in the room.

       Lamps from Ashley Rohe Home

There are many, many sources for lamps but we are proud to offer a custom lamp program that we find has both the product quality and reasonable pricing for which we have searched long and hard! 

Our custom porcelain lamps come in twenty-five beautifully fashionable colors.  You can pick from our sample board to coordinate your lamp to your specific color needs.  You can pick from many sizes and shapes of lamps that come in your chosen color.  And then you can choose from an array of shades and finials as well as base materials and, in many lamps, even the color of the hardware.  

Our lamp source has beautiful crystal, bronze/brass and jade lamps as well as the porcelain lamps.  And their blue and white porcelain and multi-colored porcelain products can also be custom ordered so that all of their available patterns can be made with any of their lamp shapes.  That makes the choices almost unlimited so that you can get the lamp that fits your personal needs and wants. 

Sample Board of custom porcelain colors.

Examples of lamps and accessories that can be custom made with many choices of colors, patterns, materials as well as lamps offered in other materials other than porcelain.  

We realize that there may be the lamp desired that is not in our custom program.  Never fear!  We have access to many other lamp companies so just tell us what you are looking for and put us to the challenge of finding it for you.  At Ashley Rohe, we want to help you make your house your home.    

How to Refresh Your Space in 10 Minutes

How to Refresh Your Space in 10 Minutes

Sometimes, a whole new room isn’t in the budget for a while and that’s ok! We get it and we’re here to help you see your space in a new way in 10 minutes without buying a thing… well maybe a few things but we’ll get to that later.

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How to Care for Your Marble


One question I am asked often is, "How do I protect and care for my Marble Surfaces?."  Here are a few designer tips to help you decide if this gorgeous, yet porous, material is right for your home.  

Thinking About Marble?

If you are considering Marble for your kitchen or bathroom project, make sure to consider a few things: Marble is a soft material and of all of the stones probably the most susceptible to stains and etching.  Don’t worry though, with a few easy care and maintenance tips you’ll protect your gorgeous stone for years to come.  


You can protect your marble countertops by blotting up spills immediately. Acidic liquids like wine, coffee, milk, and citrus juices can all damage your marble surfaces if left.  

Wipe down your countertops with a (damp) soft towel or soft sponge. Steer clear of any harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and vinegar and name brand cleaners that can dull the surface over time. I’ve tried Miracle Sealants Tile and Stone Cleaner $9.00 at Home Depot, and it’s safe for marble countertops.  



Many clients can’t tell me when they last sealed their countertops. Depending on the fabricator, many seal the countertops prior to installing at your home, however, this sealer is not going to last forever. It’s a general design rule that Marble should be sealed every year.  If you can’t remember the last time you did, you probably should.  

Tip: If you don’t see water beading up on the countertop’s surface, you probably should re-seal.

I have used and recommend Miracle Sealants Impregnator Penetrating Sealer. It’s available at Home Depot for $34.00.  It’s a water-based sealer recommended for food safe or bathroom surfaces.

Designer Tips:

Throwing a party? Don’t babysit your countertops!  

Put wine bottles on decorative trays or wine bottle coasters, and encourage guests to watch their glasses by putting out festive cocktail napkins like these available at Ashley Rohe Home.



“Merlot You Didn’t” Cocktail Napkins 20 count $5.00 ea.

-Invest in cocktail napkins, coasters, trays, and trivets that will help you protect your surfaces while cooking or entertaining.  


-Renovating or building? Ask the Professionals.  Your designer, fabricator or marble supplier should be able to guide you to sealers, cleaners, and even more tips for how to care for your marble countertops.

-Looking to geek out on Marble Info?  Check out The Marble Institute’s Guide for Care and Cleaning of Natural Stone  for much more information to help you with even the most tricky stain or spot.